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It seems that when I talk about an obscure indie band I can depend on Eggwater and den buck to know what I`m talking about.
18th Dye got signed to Matador with Yo La Tengo`s help,they loved them.Tribute To A Bus is my fav album by them,Done is pretty good as well,there`s also a compilation of demos and b sides that I don`t know the name of,don`t have that.they also did one ep called Crayon.
dimpfelmoser said awhile ago that she interviewed them,I thought that was cool.There is a song on Tribute To A Bus called D,since dimp used to sign off her posts as D I wonder if it`s a reference to her.

Eggwater-no I did`nt contribute to your site,will check it out later though.
everyone here should check out Adam`s site if you have`nt yet,very cool.