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hey that’s pretty kool. It’s good to do everything yourself but there comes a time when you really wanna just rock it live and you can’t. And it’s frustrating. When we were at 6th form (aged 17) I had a band and we played my tunes, but I’d be showing everyone what to play and I’d have to play drums ‘cos everyone else were totally anti-rhythmic…(they could sort of play the tunes)…anyway the tunes were pretty juvenile (as they still are to a degree – lyrically anyway). The point is I got sick of having to show all the parts all the time so I just started doing all myself.

I know a few guys now who can play but the thing we’re gonna do is like an anti-Nu metal thing…we’ll be taking it back to the Root – Sabbath style…but it’ll be like Spinal Tap ‘cos we are really just goofing around.

(to sort of change the tack) there’s a guitar shop across from where I work…they’ve got a really nice PLexiglass guitar but I bet it sounds like shit…it’s kinda glam though, sort of thing THurston Moore might wire up with fuse wire or something.
They’ve also got a nice Les Paul Jr with a single p90 at the bridge…bet that sounds nice