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Yr big Muff is a Russian one like mine (except mine’s older and green I got it London for 45 quid)…it’s good though some freak threw a pint of beer over my entire pedal rig at a gig and it’s been a bit weird since and it’s going a bit rusty..still sounds okay though I need a new one…I’ll get a real NYC one next.

My SG is my baby though I think I’m wearing the frets out some are not behave too well…not sure how you sort that shit out.

I would love a telecaster – my friend Rob plays one thru’ a RAT distortion pedal..it’s feedback crazy dude.

I got a whole band of equipment ‘cos I do everything myself…Until I find a drummer as good as George Hurley it’s gonna stay that way…I play drums as well as the next shit drummer if know what I’m saying.

I play in a combo known as ROBOT too…though I just write my parts and play my parts. They’re not my tunes. We play fairly regularly in Manchester…last gig we supported a Japenese band called Acid Mothers Temple (they were awesome).

about to start playing in this heavy metal band called Bane Overlord…it’s a a bit of a joke really…just a group of Sabbath obsessives wiggin’ out.