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Randy Jane

Free Bird, by Lynard Skynard, as transcribed by Randy Jane.
In the intro, there is a guitar with the slide near the
bridge on the high e. I find it very hard to tab it
out….so, im not going to, just figure something out
for yourself and have at it.

second part of the intro:




After this, the chords are being played and vocals
and junk, and I think its the same lead part being
played, just quieter. I think both guitars play the
same thing in the chorus’s, that’s how Ive always
done it. Then for the solo….do something like this,
then find your own way to go about it after the only
part I’ve ever bothered to figure out:

full bends. Bend 16 up to an 18 on the first three
bends, on the fourth, bend up to 18 then bring back
to 16.








Play two times then you are on your own. The last bends,
with the 19’s, play until you get bottles chucked at you,
and you can go into the rest of your solo, (after you play
the thing twice that is). The first part of the solo sounds
like the guitar says, Fly fly fly like a monkey on a string.