I’m going to go a head and tell everyone my idea. I was thinking about trying to get something cool done for all our memebers and J, please let me know what you think…

I sent an email to Jeremiah on the 2nd and a followup on the 6th with the following ideas. I got the idea when I posted the topic regarding how many albums J sold of More Light? I was thinking it would be cool to help J, the record label, and the members of Freakscene.net to have like a listening party of the new album for Freakscene.net members only. This would let all the members get involved so maybe we could really meet each other (buy and hear the album first), it would let the record label be present to sell the album and see the J’s fans are willing to buy stuff J puts out and the members could give a thank you to J for doing what he does best and thank Jeremiah for keeping this going for J and all the fans.

Keep in mind that this was all before it was posted to us that a record label had been selected for the U.S. market or a date had been given to us for release. Now that Ultimatum will be putting out the album and is offering the pre-release sale, I would have no idea if they would want to put anything into a "listening" party for J’s new album. I thought it would be great free PR. I even had the idea maybe J could be present and maybe talk about the songs or anything about the new album. If he would want to take out the Gibson and play a few that would be great too.

At this point I have not received anything back from Jeremiah regarding this idea. I have no idea what all Jeremiah has going on or if this idea could even fly with or with out support from Ultimatum (since we would need something to listen to if nothing else <img> ). It was my idea and I thought it was good.

I was just trying to make what I thought was a good thing happen