"But it’s a lost cause, freakscene gonna back it? i don’t think so….I’ll be making ten copies for me too, but i won’t be handing all of them out.."

eh? What do you mean? Do you think we should print them out then distribute them? I don’t think that would be the best way to approach it (from a cost standpoint).

With the last tour I made some tour poster templates where people only had to download them , add the text (just the venue/showtime) for their area), print and hang but I doubt any were used outside of what I put up <img> Watt does the same thing with his tours.

We could try that again – It could be a good thing. If you guys are willing to help out I’ll push it to the fullest. we could do banners/posters…..
Email/BBS ads can be cool too as long as they are done tastefully. No mass spamming and such. Good ways to do that on a bbs is to add it to your sig. We can create a some images to be used for that specifically if you guys are interested.

on another note, I am trying to get the ok to have that listening party (I hear ya chris) <img>
The reason I need the ok is because I want to do it PRE-Release.

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