Thanks to all that thought I had a good idea going.

I know know that everyone would not be able to make it to something like a one time listening party. But I thought as far as a location it could be someplace near Jeremiah. I thought he could be a major help in finding a location near him that would be willing to help us out. My idea was that since not everyone could make it, we could post photos of everyone that wanted to and someone that attends could give a full report of all that went down at the party. (I know before everyone posted photos of themselves in one of the topics) but this would be different.

I am sorry to say however that this is all still only just a dream at this point and unless a higher power steps in I would just wait. Please don’t hold your breath. <img> I think the best any of us can hope for (if you even bother or care) is that we all communicate when we are going to be at a show and do our best to meet each other. <img> So far everyone that I have had the pleasue to meet has been really cool to me. <img>

I think I’ll just wait for my copy of the new album to show up in my mailbox, and when tour dates are given map out how many shows I can see and how far my money can take me, like I did for the last two years.