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I’m only filling this out because I’m jetlagged and bored…and mildly amused:

1) First Name: tba
2) Gender: all woman, baby
c) Height: just under 5’5"
4) Weight: 122
6) Divorced/Single/Willing to cheat on spouse: n/a
7) Do you like X-Files: sometimes
8) Which is sexier; Mascis or Al Gore: Well, J is more talented & interesting, but Al Gore has pointy eyebrows…and I am ALL about guys with pointy eyebrows
8a) If Gore, is it because he’s known for being stiff: Is a block of wood exciting?
8b)If yes and gender male, then what sexuality are you: excuse me?
9) If gay, please stop filling this out. A little homophobic, are we?
10) Favorite alphanumerical character: huh?
11) Mouse pad or trackball color: er, um,
12) Are you smart: have been told by men that it intimidates them
13) Favorite smilie: the smooshy smiley face
14) What are your thoughts on War and Peace: brings back bad high school memories
15) Favorite J. Song: can’t choose
16) What musical featured the song I started with: well now, Tony already gave it away
17) Shoe size: 6.5
18) What do you smell like: a weird blend of body products
19) What does your ideal partner smell like: a campfire
20) What do you SPELL like: a grammar teacher
21) Favorite tie color: who’s wearing the tie?
22) Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon: no idea
23) Describe your hair: abundant
24) Favorite Pokemon: prefer Teletubbies
25) Use this section to mock the matchmaker: I think the matchmaker does a pretty good job of that all by himself [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]


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