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1. What color are your eyes? hazel (they look best in green eyeshadow)
2. Your boyfriend stands you up . If you choose to avenge it what do you do ? OR Are you passive about it ? OR Are you just plain depressed about ? first I ignore him for a while…then when HE calls ME to apologize, I make him take me out for dinner and drinks, tell me how much he worships me, then maybe I forgive him
3. You mentioned your jetlag . Do you travel often to Florida ? very funny
4. Did you take Jaron’s " I give it a month" post an insult . If not what did you consider it? I think Jaron has a problem with bestiality but is otherwise harmless…he seems to be projecting his childhood feelings of inadequacy and loneliness onto people in an anonymous environment with no perceived chance of retaliation (in other words, he only picks on the girls he likes)
5. Do you like smart guys? who doesn’t?

I think instead of filling out any more surveys I’m going to start holding auditions– suggestions welcome