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First Name:Salami
height:10 feet tall and bulletproof
weight:1000 pounds
Do you like x files:no
Who is sexier,Mascis or Gore:Gore just thinks he`s sexy because Clinton fixed him up with some honeys.
A-Gore is loose since Clinton helped him out.
b-what are you refering Jaron?
fav alpha…-whatever
Are you smart:yep
fav smilie:guy smilie from sesame street
thoughts on war and peace:makes more sense on acid.
fav J song:Stairway To Heaven
What musical:Annie get your gun
Shoe size:big
What do you smell like:A and W hamburgers
What does your ideal partner smell like:not like teen spirit.
Spell like [img]images/smiles/converted/tongue.gif[/img]urty goood
Fav tie color:don`t wear em you yuppie
pentium 4:new techno band?
describe your hair:it grows out not long,if I leave it grow too much,it`ll look like Rob Tyner circla 1970.
fav pokemon:Michael Jackson
Mock Jaron:Join the cult of Wayne Newton or Juice Newton or Sir Iassac Newton or Iassac Brock or Herbie Brock or Herbie Hancock or Herb Alpert or Herb Tarlic or Herbie the Love Bug…