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Can’t see why I’m responding, but. . .

1) First Name: While I’m online, MaLCoM
2) Gender:male
c) Height: 5′ 10" or so
4) Weight: 160 or so
6) Divorced/Single/Willing to cheat on spouse: Perpetually single
7) Do you like X-Files: Not especially
8) Which is sexier; Mascis or Al Gore: Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead
8a) If Gore, is it because he’s known for being stiff:
8b)If yes and gender male, then what sexuality are you: Straight
9) If gay, please stop filling this out. don’t be an asshole man
10) Favorite alphanumerical character:hmmm. . . probably (())
11) Mouse pad or trackball color:kinda greenish
12) Are you smart:not especially
13) Favorite smilie: [img]images/smiles/converted/eek.gif[/img]
14) What are your thoughts on War and Peace: never cared to read it
15) Favorite J. Song: Don’t have one
16) What musical featured the song I started with:dunno
17) Shoe size:10 male
18) What do you smell like:me
19) What does your ideal partner smell like:good
20) What do you SPELL like:bAdd
21) Favorite tie color:don’t like ties
22) Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon:what???
23) Describe your hair:Brown and curly when long
24) Favorite Pokemon:tinky winky
25) Use this section to mock the matchmaker: Homophobic asshole