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D Sylvester

Tomorrow I’m gonna say "SHIT! How could I forget…" but for now my list reads:

1. Who
2. Damned
3. Beatles (why I picked up a guitar)
4. Ramones (why I picked up the guitar again)
5. Dinosaur/J
6. Buzzcocks
7. The Jam
8. Clash
9. Iggy/Stooges
10. Magazine

Of course, I need to mention all of the following – Bad Brains, Naked Raygun, Flaming Lips, Husker Du, The Replacements, Bowie, Led Zep, The Stones, John Cale, Velvets, Dramarama, Sex Pistols, a honking crapload of film soundtracks, Pink Floyd, Stiff Little Fingers, ah hell, just come over and look at my records. <img>