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Again, Kill Rock Stars:

* Survey Results (plus NEWS) from the desk of Slim *

"Hello all, thanks to everybody who responded to the "greatest
band of the rock era" question. the variety of answers was
it is clearly a matter of intense personal opinion.
there were many insightful
explanations that i feel like I learned a
lot from. Personally I was thinking
Beach Boys before the survey but
I think now I’ve been successfully persuaded
by the thoughtful
comments and have now switched my opinion.

Velvet Underground was the most popular selection, closely followed
The Ramones, with Sonic Youth coming in third.

A few folks ignored the criteria and voted for british bands or solo
anyway. rather than exclude those votes, I am just going to
the entire results:

Velvet Underground: 63
Ramones: 44
Sonic Youth: 29
Beach Boys: 14
Sleater-Kinney: 13
Nirvana: 13
Pixies: 13
The Stooges: 11
The Doors: 10
Fugazi: 10
Kiss: 9
REM: 9
Grateful Dead: 9
Aerosmith: 8
Bikini Kill: 7
Creedence Clearwater Revival: 7
MC5: 6
Replacements: 5
X: 4
Byrds: 4
Talking Heads: 3
Metallica: 3
Minutemen: 3
Blondie: 3
Fleetwood Mac: 2
Melvins: 2
B-52s: 2
White Stripes: 2
Black Flag: 2
Pavement: 2
Throwing Muses: 2
Captain Beefheart: 2
Queen: 2
Television: 2
The Sonics: 2
Guns And Roses: 2

and the following bands got one vote each: The Animals, Dead
Heart, Cheap Trick, Lynrd Skynrd, Grand Funk Railroad, the
JBs, Chic, The
Cramps, Smashing Pumpkins, Styx, Mothers Of Invention,
Poison, Nine Inch
Nails, Pylon, Go-gos, Pink Floyd, Crass, Dinosaur,
the Miracles, Misfits,
Gits, Guided By Voices, Van Halen, Jesus
Lizard, Modern Lovers, Shangri-La’s,
Unwound, Herman’s Hermits, Yo La
Tengo, Big Star, Canine Sugar, Miles Davis,
Funkadelic, Beastie Boys,
and Husker Du.