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Thanks for the patience, back on track now so look out <img> The ranking is based solely on scores provided by members, I could have gotten fancy and put them thru my amazing math machine but that would take even more time <img> Agree the music mags could learn something from this kind of fan poll, but doubt they will as it doesn’t pay for them to cater to the indie crowd as much as it used to <img> The rest of the list features a lot of tied scores, we are a very eclectic bunch with an amazing & varied bunch of influential bands…very cool. So thanks for responding and heres the list…

11. Who, Pearl Jam, Songs Ohio, Hendrix, Minutemen…all 10 (1) Grateful Dead, Public Enemy 10 (2)

12. Will Oldham, Tori Amos, The Band, Neu, Bad Religion all 9(1), Built To Spill 9(2), Velvet Underground 9(4)

13. Tom Waits, Karl Hendriks Trio, Sonics Rendezvous Band, John Fruisicante…all 8(1), Led Zep 8(2)

14. Violent Femmes, NYD/Heartbreakers, Charles Mingus, The Clean, Gore Slut, Kinks, Bob Dylan…all 7(1), Sleaker Kinney, Motorpsycho 7(2)

15. Field Mice, Pixies, Allman Brothers, Television, Beck, Metallica, Black Sabbath…all 6(1), Smashing Pumpkins 6(2)

16. Buffalo Tom, Kiss My Jazz, Fiona Apple, Buzzcocks, Belle & Sebastian, Primus, Marley, Beach Boys, Bob Hund…all 5(1)

17. Guided by Voices, Joni Mitchell, Replacements, Massive Attack, Jaco Pastorius, Jam, Scud Mountain Boys, Marilyn Manson, Bowie…all 4(1), Flaming Lips 4(2)

18. Gram Parsons, Jesus and Mary Chain, Clash, Faith No More, Deus, Diamanda Galas, Ben Folds Five, Big Star, Modest Mouse…all 3(1)

19. Spinal Tap, Sparklehorse, 11th Dream Day, HELLACOPTERS, Kiss, Wu Tang Clan…all 2(1)

20. Cramps, Young Marble Giants, Miles Davis, Flat Duo Jets, Cure, Run DMC. Only Ones, Magazine…all 1(1)

Hope this is a list that won’t make any heads implode <img> Definitely a list I can live with, although I am so glad I limited the choices to ten…cramping up <img>


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