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Tried to post this last nite but the board wouldn’t let me…the board must have been on crack <img>

So heres the top ten freakscene bbs most influential bands, will get the rest up later today once I get some sleep <img>

1 Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis 78(12)
2 Beatles 28(3)
3 Doors 23(3)
4 Pavement 22(3)
5 Husker Du 20(3)
6 Rolling Stones 19(2)
7 Neil Young/Weezer 16(2)
8 Damned 14(2)
9 Ramones/Sonic Youth/Yo la tengo 13(2)
10 Stooges 11(2)

When I put up the rest of the list later today I will add the scores/votes deal.

Hopefully this is the kinda list people feel more comfortable with…fan based versus the evil music magazine with questionable ethics. I can live with the list so far… <img>

Allison <img>

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