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im suprised everyone doesnt have the beatles on thier list,

1. The Beatles
2. The Rolling Stones
3. The Doors
4. The Kinks
5. Black Sabbath
6. Led Zepplin
7. David Bowie
8. Faith No More
9. Spinal Tap
10. Gratefull Dead

1. The Beatles of course theres no other choice there for me

2. The Rolling Stones, the were the dark side of the beatles the hard rocking side and the influinced almost every rock band ever

3. Its more Jim than the doors that influinced people to write deep meaningfull lyrics, and be a smart person not just some idiot that gets fucked up all day long (a genious that gets fucked up all day long)

4. The Kinks, I think they were the first real punk type band even though most of there songs had a reggae type feel, but the riff to you really got me now is as punk as it gets and maybe the most recognizable riff of all time

5. Black Sabbath, even Dinosaur Jr was influinced by sabbath, the started heavy metal and the thought of scaring people with it, every rock singer wants to as famous as Ozzy

6. Led Zepplin there led zepplin need i say more, and its cool how there being played a lot more now because people finally realize there are references to "Lord Of The Rings" in there songs

7. David Bowie, well his style and knack for songwriting has inspired folk singers to hard rock bands like NIN, Marilyn Manson and so forth

8. Faith No MOre/Guns N Roses, I love faith no more and im sad that there up here because they influnced all of those rap core bands that blow ass, Guns N Roses influnced everyong in music from there Hard Rocking Riffs to there monster ballads, and they did it all well, and not to mention there awesome music videos

9. Spinal Tap, well spinal tap plays music and writes songs they are real, they influnced a lot of bands to write songs that are fun, and to take light of the whole rock overindulgence. they influnced Foo Fighters, Tenecious D, and all those other bands that do nothing but try to make you laugh during thier videos

10. Gratefull Dead, I hate the dead but anyone that had a following that big is definetly a big influnce towards other bands

theres my list, Now Dinosaur/J didnt make the top 10, they would be on my top 50 though, but hey im being serious here, they just arent more influential than these bands