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Seems people have forgotten my contempt for mr freud and his spin on women… <img>

I’m reading a pretty silly book right now, but somehow it seems relevant to this latest twist in things…Temptresses The Virago Book of Evil Women. Talks about powerful, "evil women", how cultures thru time have dealt with them, persecuted them, labelled them witches and fiends. How men find them terrifying and fascinating, while woman secretly admire their powerful image of mother and demon-the creative and destructive. (books description not mine) Like I said silly book but oddly hypnotizing <img> <img> <img>

So all I’m saying is try hard to put numbers to your list or I will just randomly assign numbers. I always show my work though <img>

Allison…evil powerful female

ps you guys ever heard The Cramps song All Women Are Bad… <img>

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