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Very well, madam. I have let the Freud references pass before in good faith. Now you have forced me to break out the Dalai Lama of Misogyny: Yes, Mr. John Milton!!!!!!!

"Would thou hadst heark’n’d to my words, and stay’d
with me, as I besought thee, when that strange
Desire of wand’ring this unhappy Morn,
I know not whence possess’d thee: we had then
Remain’s still happy, not as now, despoil’d
Of all our good, sham’s naked, miserable.
Let none henceforth seek needless cause to give proof of Their Faith’s obligation to possess;
when they earnestly seek such proof, conclude, they then begin to fail."

Paradise Lost, Book 9 lines
This scene depicts Eve’s response to being blamed be Adam for dooming mankind. The essence of the passge follows:

"Being as I am, why didst not thou as the Head
command me absolutely not to go
Going into such danger as thou said’st?
Too permissive then thou didst not much gainsay,
Nay, didst permit, approve, and fair dismiss.
Hadst thou been firm and fixt in thy dissent,
Neither had I transgress’s nor thou with mee.

Book 9 lines 1155-1162

In other words, Allison, go ahead amd lop off my list at Marley. However I still want votes of some sort on the rest. "Hie! get thee to thy matter at hand!!!"