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Guess I should post a list as well, definitely agree its very hard to limit it to ten…but hey, here goes

1.Rolling Stones (early stuff only)
3.Sonic’s Rendezvous Band
4.New York Dolls…I’m grouping Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers with this one…just cause
7.Husker Du
8.Jesus and Mary Chain
9.Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis
10.Flaming Lips

Chronological order obviously, these bands changed music and influenced so many of my fav bands its amazing. Of course if it were my all time fav list Dinosaur Jr would be on top!!!!

So hard not to mention…Swervedriver, MBV, Hydromatics, Hellacopters, Modest Mouse, Sparklehorse, Mercury Rev, Buzzcocks, Pistols,
Ruts and about a zillion other bands…yeah it hurt not being able to include these!!!

DMS by the looks of things you and I have very similar vinyl collections!!! Damned reunion tour is coming close to where I live in March…not sure I wanna go but probably will. Saw Captain Sensible on canadian music channel awhile ago…he was wearing a pink tutu and mooned the camera <img>

Den Buck I haven’t got a clue who made up that list…any hint <img>