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I came up with this episode last night.

Match one: Sonic Youth Vs. My Bloody Valentine-an all feedback fight. Unfortunately their walls of sound merge, summoning the ghost of Jimi Hendrix. Ghost of Jimi Challenges Ghost of Stevie Ray Vaughn for position of loudest blues guitarist of all time

Match Two: REM vs. U2 for position of most overrated 80’s band. Both bands get killed by the police

Main Event: Jimi Hendrix vs. SRV, match never really ends since neither side can cause permenant damage to the other.

Final Match: The White Stripes vs. The Strokes for position of greatest "critics Darling" band. Velvet underground shows up and beats the stuffing out of everyone except Meg White who is getting a lesson from Moe Tucker in how to play with no expression at all <img>