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Randy Jane

Uh, my stuff is all done except for the mixing and editing and stuff. I will let you guys do a poll of what song/s I should post up.
1. Diner Lady: Very cure like, ambient sad love song.
2. I wanna hold your hand: Punk-ish song about a different girl (diff. girl from Diner Lady).
3.Flight of the Porkchop: think Endless Nameless.
4.Country song: Dead Milkmen-ish. (not a country song).
5.Grits: Early song, wrote it in the seventh grade….yep, about Kurt.
6.The Ballad of Cow: slow sad punk song….kinda like Marigold, but sad.
7.Rubber Duckies: a little more modern, but still decent.
8. Choco Nightmare: All out Indie punk.
9.I dont believe it: NOFX/Bad Religion
10. With Me: Crannberries-y

so….pick the songs.