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New Favorite:
16. Same Day (one the most immediately infectious songs J’s ever written, and choosing Pollard for the bu vocals was a stroke of genius…I wish Tiffany Anders had made another cameo on the new album, but hopefully she’ll be back in the future…she and J always sound great together) <snip>[/B]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I couldn’t agree with you more. i downloaded this nugget from the label web site and haven’t stop listening since. until i get the whole album and listen more carefully, this has to be my favorite J song in a long time. when i first heard that Bob Pollard would do backing vocals, i was thrown off. but J has written such great backup vocal parts for tiffany anders, i guess i shouldn’t have been surprised that he wouldn’t do the same for Mr Pollard. this song is GREAT!!! i love the part when he says something like, "write a pilot, call it my life (its sad)".