My quick top 10 (in no particular order)

1. The Lung
2. Severed Lips
3. Mountain Man (kidding, of course…)
3. They Always Come
4. Mick
5. Out There
6. Blowin’ It/I Live…
7. Get Me
8. Little Fury Things
9. No Bones
10. Raisins

Honoroble Mentions:
11. Water
12. Grab It
13. Tarpit
14. Quest
15. Never Bought It

New Favorite:
16. Same Day (one the most immediately infectious songs J’s ever written, and choosing Pollard for the bu vocals was a stroke of genius…I wish Tiffany Anders had made another cameo on the new album, but hopefully she’ll be back in the future…she and J always sound great together)