Ok, after a quick research (my memory doesn’t work very well…)

"Come on babe, come on rescue me, just this last time" (Kracked)

"Chained to this corpse for one more day" (Lose)
"Embarrassed to be alive, sit with my life, open wide" (The Leper)

"I feel the pain of everyone, then I feel nothing" (Feel the Pain)

"I yearn to see
The glow of her eyes as I appear
A sign of satisfaction
Could be the sweetest sound" (Quest)

"I’ve been a wreck so long, it’s hard to pull it out" (On the Way)

"Couple of things are cool, still most shit blows" (Pebbles&Weeds)

"Please don’t leave, no just yet, cause it’s brutal, I can’t forget" (Turnip Farm)

"It’s a two ton weight that’s wrapped around my chest" (Hide)

Well, you’ll think that I’m a depressing person…No!
I just love sad lyrics! Bye!