"The girls that smile and say hello and darkness drags me back home"

"Boredom won`t starve as long as I feed it"

"look it in the face or duck it,get me a bucket!"

"I don`t know why you see me,I don`t know a thing to be"

"The leper crumbling,but never broken"

"bound to crack,with no hope of coming back"

"hopefully a girl will come between me and the ground"

"it`s kinda lame to let it slide"

"tons of rubble to sift through"

"i won`t say that I had my way,you sure saw to that"

"in a jar the scars are plain to see"

"hey it`s all on your head,hey is that what you said?"

"you stopped smiling now everything sucks"

Nick-that tune from Martin and Me is `on the run` by Greg Sage from the Wipers,Idon`t know if it`s a Wipers tune or a Sage solo song.