"saw you down across the water
floating safely in the way you do.
then I scrammed before you saw me
gotta keep thinking you wanted to"

Lyrically green mind is my favorite album.
The Wagon, Blowing It, I live for that look, Water described perfectly how I felt when I was 16 (when I first heard the album) and had a mad crush on a girl. The songs are so innocent and hopefull.
The wagon is great too
"there you are an here I stand trying to make you feel my hand. Ring the doorbell in your mind but it’s locked from the outside. you don’t live there anyway but I knock on it all day."

then the bridge, this is the best bridge ever what a melody.
"there’s place I’d go but you’re not there and I’m supposed to know how to get to where you’re gonna be but you don’t even know.."

"hey be better this time, hey get out of my mind"
"hey it’s going no place, hey don’t give me that face"