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buckingham rabbit

to save this from becoming a discussion about football (however, i love the only ones!)…

‘the lights explode/she stood burning in front of me/she ripped my heart out being mean/my eyes were broken, cemented to her face"

really, ‘raisans’ is just fucking great all around. probably my favorite dinosaur song, followed by ‘repulsion’, which also has completely wonderful lyrics.

‘thought i knew you/stuck out my hand/you bit/wish i could understand’

‘can’t climb out of this hole/its just like cats in a bowl’ (this is lou?)

and then this, which is particularly apt for me now:
"i’d love to meet the one/ who broke my heart/i know she’d melt me with her dance/her subtle colors, her sweet smile/but its a shame/she’ll never get that chance"

’embarrased to be alive’