"I got no advice ’bout anything just fuck it up yourself. Is she the kind of girl that’s worth getting in such a sticky mess?"

"Hey girl now walk me home no drive me home now pick me up again waiting for things to change they’ll rearrange oh no not you again. If I say a word just stop me ’cause I really should shut up. Guess I’ll split now just forget you met me sorry I fucked it all up."

"The time has come,
I ain’t gonna fester no more,
Let the world be free of my disease,
I never knew a rubber doll could be so
hard to please."

"You’re better than my rubber doll ’cause you don’t stain so easily."

Sorry I guess I have a lot of favorites. The lines from Severed Lips are so harsh! I’ve been thinking about them lately ’cause I broke up with my girlfriend recently.

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