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1987 Maxwells, Hoboken N.J. – Serious snow storm, but braved the elements. Anyway during the last song of the night, RAISANS -Lou busted a bass string which cut his arm. They continued on throughout the song w/ Lou bleeding like a stuck pig. J kept wailing on the final solo as Lou continued to rip through on the bass and bleed. Not only one of the BEST Dino shows, but one of the most intense scenes. The bass was covered w/ blood by the end. (I have the audio from this one)
I saw them in ’88 at Maxwells as well and had a great video tape – sadly my VCR ended up eating the thing after so many viewings.
I have avoided the festival type shows for years so the last time I saw J was @ 89 – at the Ritz in NYC. Looking fwd to this string of shows and happy there is plenty of the old tunes being played.
Jeremiah – great site!