K7 Rides Again

My favorite show was back in late ’96/early’97 (not sure exactly) at the Newport in Columbus for the HAND IT OVER tour. Friends came into town with some "booms" (beautiful golden caps, tasted absolutely horrible! yuck!). We ate and headed for the Newport. There for a little while, I’m on the way up, and finally Dino comes out. The whole show is in green and purple lighting, except for when j breaks into solos, then the whites come on! I even have a Dino oriented tattoo that is based largely on this effect of the lighting colors (lots of purples and greens). Mind blowing and it’s so fuckin’ incredibly loud! It seems like the amps are going to knock you off your feet at any moment! So like I said, the whole gig’s in purple and green and J goes into Start Choppin’ "…i ain’t tellin you a secret…i ain’t telling you goodbye…(guitar)do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do!!!!" and J goes into the massive hammer-ons/ pull offs (you know the part i’m talking about…) and the white lights come on are just flashing to every hammer-on/ pull-off in such perfect rythm and I’m absolutely blown away!!! Same thing for…On The Way…green and purple during the rythm white lights pumping during the solos! What a perfect combo of lighting and music (hats off to the lights guy, he new the tunes and had his shit together). Head bobbing and body moving the entire show! "There’s a place I like to go…when you get there then I’ll know…there’s a place I know you been…here’s the PIT(ha,ha,ha!) get on in!" J Mascis is God and and the guitar is his mighty axe. Catching mad trails off of his fingers… they’re so fast and never quit moving all up and down the neck of his guitar. Then during the Lung, he’s steps up for that almighty solo and as he hits that first note I swear to God lightning shoots right out the frickin’ end of his guitar! Absolutely mesmerizing (is that spelled right?)! Incrediblly awesome show, so much energy from the stage, the crowd, and I will never forget it!

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