The "best show" for me was actually a best chain of shows. It was 1997. Dinosaur Jr. at that time was promoting its "HAND IT OVER" album, along side Sweet 75 (another 3 piece band that included ex-bassist for nirvana, Noveacheck? The "tour" started at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, N.C. Where the three of us pushed our way up front amungst the younger more fiesty crowd. We were front and center and loved it. I was screeming for ‘Wagon’ which never came. I was in awe last night, Dinosaur, up close and personal. Nobody could have moved me from my place up front. The second night we were off to Charleston S.C where Dino was at the Music Farm. We had a great feel for the crowd that night and waited patiently to make our route to the front before the show began. After a few beers it was time to be on our way. There, again front and center, we were acutally pushed against the stage. During the show we could have touched J’s shoes, he did please us a couple of times by bending and jamming a solo in front of our eyes just out of our reach. However, we would have done nothing to disrupt the flow of "magic." Again, I yelled for, but received no "Wagon." The next show was at the Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC. Again up front. We finally got noticed by Sweet 75 when the lead lady said, "hey those guys have been around the past 3 nights, lets here it for those guys." They rocked a few songs and when it was over, the lead lady gave my friend a piece of duck tape she was waring that said, ELLEN. Go figure? Any way, Dino was next. We weren’t moving and I was going to here Wagon–I felt it. They came on out, wasn’t quite sure if j knew we were there but Berz seemed like he noticed. I got one of his drum sticks when, as he was hammering, a stick busted in two and berz tossed the leftover piece to the crowd. I still have it. My friend Josh got J’s pick once it fell to the ground during the show. And my other friend Phil, he took a sip from J mystery drink (hard stuff) after the show was over and when we were asking the stage hand if we could meet J. Back to the show. J after hearing me yell for Wagon repeditely for 3 nights, decided to humor me. YES. IT ROCKED. That song summed up the "tour." "There’s a place I’d like to go, when you get there then I’ll know." Da Na Ta Da Na Ta Da Na Na, Na. After the show we hung around, chatted with friends, and took in the whole scene. We wanted to just hop in the Van and cruise to DC where Dinosaur was playing the 9:30 club–couldn’t make it but I do have a video of the show. My ears rang for days. My voice creeked. I missed 3 days of college classes and had a major report due once I got back. Yet, didn’t fail a class that year nor the report. So, that was it my most enjoyable Dino show(s) ever. Hope there is a show I can get to that can top it… Sorry for the length of the story.

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