Dave K

Toad’s Place – New Haven CT…April ’97, I think. My first show was acoustic at the Ironhorse in Northampton Mass. near J’s home. Anyway, at the Ironhorse, my buddy and I went downstairs to take a leak before the show and there’s J, talkin’ to two girls. We said ‘hey’, he said ‘hey’ and that was it. Flash forward to the Toad’s show in April ’97. My buddy and I are gettin’ some pizza next door. I say ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we saw J again?’ Sure enough, we walk out and there’s J leanin’ against the tour van. As we walk out, he shoves off and walks in right in front of me. Once inside, like the rest of us, he shuffles to the bar to get a drink. No one bothers him, so I don’t either. To top things off, I turn to my buddy and say ‘I hope they play ‘The Lung’. Sure enough, first song of the night – a blistering ‘Lung’!