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Since we`re talking about concerts,the other day I was talking to a guy about a concert that happened here a few years ago the other day so I`ll talk about that.
A few years ago Low played here,a band people seem to love or hate,they play very slow and sad,much in the vein of slow Neil Young Tunes or the Velvet Underground`s third album or Galaxie 500.The guy was telling me Low was playing and there was 10 or so people digging what Low was doing but a bunch of people was saying "Where`s the rock?,you don`t rock!" Low has to put up with this shit alot,I heard on the radio that they got food thrown at them,etc at other gigs,nowadays they seem to be getting more people liking them,Thom Yorke of Radiohead said recently he loves them,maybe this will get people to wake up and see that they`re a good band.Their most recent album"Things we lost in the fire" is one of my fav records of the year.
In my opinion we have enough bands who rock,we need more bands to try something different,Low started playing this music in the early 90`s when it was totally uncool,but over the years slow/sad core music has evolved to include a lot of bands doing this stuff.
If you want to check out Low,there`s 2 mp3`s at Tinytelephone.com you can take a listen to,and there`s a Yahoo.com archived concert,it`s 4 tunes,it`s a video concert so you can watch it as well.