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Malc-Tom is right,Anna does have a solo album out,I have`nt heard anything from it yet,should be good though,I liked That Dog alot,especially Retreat From The Sun.
Javro-Jacob`s Mouse were good,I liked No Fishshop Parking alot,did`nt like I`m Scared that much though.Polvo I miss alot too,Sammy were ok,very Pavementy but still could come up with some good tunes.
VF-I `ve been wondering about Swervedriver too,they said a months back about a new album soon,I think they`re trying to pull a MBV trick on us.
Carl-check out the Radar Brothers,they kinda sound like early 70`s Pink Floyd with some Beatles and Neil Young thrown in,epitonic.com I think has some mp3`s by them.

a few more from me:
Mazzy Star
Rein Sanction
Squirrel Bait/Slint/Bitch Magnet/Gastr Del Sol(all these bands are linked)