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Rat Scabies-The Damned
Jerry Nolan-New York Dolls/Heartbreakers
Rock Action-Stooges
Tory Crimes-Clash (Terry Chimes)
Paul Cook-Pistols
J Mascis-love J’s drumming <img> George and Murph <img>
Animal-Muppets <img>
Denis Thompson-MC5
Ron Keeley-Radio Birdman
Dee Generate-Eater-only played on 2 releases but was taught by the Rat <img>
Rick Butler-Jam
Grant Hart-Husker Du…not one of the best technically but hey sentimental fav
Ivor Hay-Saints
The Hellacopters drummer…Robert shame on me can’t remember his last name right now <img>

Allison…hmm thats a lot of drummers <img>