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Chiris Cutler (Per Ubu, David Thomas and the Pedestrian, Wooden Birds, Verious dumb european avant garde experiments, ect.)
Guiguo Chenevere (Etron Fou Lelublan, solo, Fred Frith, ?)

They are both Communists… Good drummers though!

Guiguo is The most unusual drummer ever, bar none. If you have heard Captain Beef Heart and thought the drumming was crazy he takes that kind of nutso New Orleans tom tumping madness to an extreem. Or he can make any song his own with a kind of jerky french beat. His drumming reminds me of Jean Cocteu movies.

Chris Cutler is more subtle but equally innovative. Especially with cymbal textures.

I just thought I should add those two in there as the usual suspects had already been included (except Ringo Star who still believes he is the greatest!)