Bucky Ramone

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<strong>got this in the mail too (although I can’t make out most of it) <img>

We hadden hier kan natuurlijk tientallen pagina’s kunnen neerpennen ……..</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>den Buck translates:

At this point we could write a ten-page essay about the most influential godfather of the alternative guitar-rock scene, we would have done so with pleasure. But does this man need any introduction? Even the Playboy’s Playmate of April mentions him together with Neil Young, the Cure and Tom Petty as one of her ‘classic rock’ favourites… <img> But where do you start and where do you end? From the phenomenal debut ‘Dinosaur Jr.’ from 1983 on Homestead to his new live hobby-project ‘A tribute to the Stooges’ (with Ron and Scott Asheton and the magnificent Mike Watt on bass) at Pukkelpop 2002. We will keep it short. The new J. Mascics + the Fog album ‘Free so free’ will be released on the 14th October by City Slang. He will be performing solo here [in Belgium] and we have been dreaming to see him that way for a very very long time, you too?

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