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Thanks for posting this, Malc.
I think it is a good historical document about this whole thing. I have to admit, I am unfamiliar with most of these bands. The dynamic of expression is obviously the main difference between bands classified under "emo" or other types of punk. I didn’t know there were some bands who get into the whole weepy thing. It is funny that they do, as I am used to seeing a lot of evangelical musicians break down like that. More coincidental is that the local scene here, which includes me boyz Clark (http://www.clarkclarkclark.com) from South Bend, The Rutabega, Triple F, regularly play with Chrisitan bands like Cape Renewal, and Don’t Shoot, I’m With God. Each band seems completely accepting of one another and respectful of each others beliefs or lack of them. I think your link added something to my understanding for why such coexistence can work out.