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I did a guilty pleasures bit,maybe 2 weeks ago,so check that out.The bee gees is just something I listened to as a kid,I don`t listen to them now;If you want to check out a cool bee gees cover,a band called Mule covered’to love somebody` on a b side to a single and man,it just kicks ass!Mule kind of sounds like a post-punk Lynryd Skynrd,really drunken redneck vocals,very cool!see if you can find that single someday,I don`t have it but heard it on the radio.
My discovery of punk came pretty late,when I first came to the city where I live now,I was in grade 8 and the other kinds in grade 9,some of them were into punk.There was this one guy
who walked in front of me when I went home from school who had a 7 seconds jacket,I had no clue who 7 seconds was,all I knew was pop music.
I remember a friend told me a guy played hima Husker Du tape,my friend said it was the worst music he ever heard!
A guy at the college station said he got into punk when someone threw a Black Flag tape at him!No one threw a Black Flag tape at me!
If I got into punk when I was 12 or 13 I think it would have changed my life totally,changed how I viewed things and the assholes at school that picked on me and the teachers that did`nt like me.I was in my late teens when I first heard punk on the radio and decided that it was something to get into.