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Some thoughts on my earliest memories of music:
The first music any of us hear is our parents records;my Dad usually bought the records,my Mom would mention stuff that she liked but I don`t think she was a record collector.
Most of the stuff I remember was Gordon Lightfoot,Eagles,Beach Boys,Linda Ronstadt,Neil Young,John Denver,Neil Diamond,etc.
You know that 70`s compilation you see on TV?70`s radios was like that-`Afternoon delight` playing every 30 min.,Harry Chapin,Seals and Crofts,Lobo,etc.
I also remember playing a Dave Clark 5 record
that I don`t know what happen to it,it was beatles type stuff;I also got into alot of disco at age4 and 5:Village People,Bee Gees-Sat. night fever soundtrack.I never had a copy of "Frampton comes alive"for some reason and had knew nothing about punk rock,guess I was too young and that stuff would have scared a little kid anyway.I also remember having an abba record,that kind of pop appeals
to a kid.
Anyone out there like to mention what they listened to as a kid?