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K7 Rides Again

how come no ones mentioned michael jackson? Laugh if you want but I know everyone here was grooving to him at some point in there lives. Thriller, now that was a scary video. I can remember some of my first serious attempts to listen to music…stuff like Stevie Wonder and the Violent Femmes (the last time I saw them they started the show with the lights out and ten minutes of a digerie doo rattling through the auditorium). Definately had some exposure to Madonna (three girl cousins will do that to you). The Cure, the Police, Young MC, Beastie Boys…remember the first time I saw Sonic Youth (absolutley blew me away). A lot of that 80’s crap (glam rock, etc.) but a lot of it is also excellent, ya just got to listen in the right places [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]