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Nothing to figure out this time. . . but I think it’s odd to have a dream that reads so straight.

I was at this party with Amanda, a bunch of other people were there but the only ones that matter were myself, ‘manda, and some nameless guy. He was dressed like a typical punk, had a scar on his face, and was carrying a throwing knife. Amanda liked him, he was the enemy.

I spent the entire dream trying to summon up the strength to tell Amanda how I feel about her. We were at some house in the middle of noplace, and I finally got to go with her into town to buy ice, and then I woke up when I was about to spill it.

The only real concessions to dreamdom were a number of rocket cars (world-record types) parked by a gas station, and an exceptionally large intereior to said convienince mart. large public buildings with many interconnected rooms are something of a mainstay in my dreams.