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Tony-I took the loner route all my life really,never really had any aspirations in being popular in school,too shy,too quiet,too fashionless <img>

Carl`s mountain trail dream kinda reminds me of a dream I had a couple of times;I`m on a mountain highway,looks like California like I saw on TV,I know that I`m a long way from home and have no ride to get there,so I`m walking somewhere,I feel like I could walk hundreds of miles and not get tired <img>

Another dream I remember is I met Frank Sinatra,but he looks like he did back in the 60`s,not like he did before he died,I say to him I thought he died and he laughs and says he`ll live forever <img>

Strange dream Javro <img> I`m glad I did`nt have those nightmares when I was a kid.

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