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When I was a nipper, I used to have the same dream every night. It took place in the house where I grew up, and involved me waking up in the night due to a noise (I was about 7) and walking out of my bedroom. And lo! What can only be described as an evil-bignosed-witchman-tramp ran up the stairs and grabbed me and took me into the bathroom (tiled floor). He then produced some mustard like squeezy bottles (like the ones you get in cafes/diners) and proceeded to squeeze some of the contents onto my hands and feet. The "substance" was what I at first thought to be glue, as my hands and feet were stuck to the floor, but upon closer inspection, I saw that my hands and feet, and indeed whole arms and legs were starting to disolve, as if having been covered in acid. Pretty fucking disturbing to a 7 year old.

One night, as he was trying to get me, he slipped, covering himself with the ooze and disolving himself. Never had the dream again, but it definitely disturbed me for life. And if I ever see an evil-bignosed-witchman-tramp carrying mustard bottles, I certainly ain’t gonna wait for him to get me!

Madame Rosa (as in dream reader, not proprietor of a house of ill repute) – what does it all mean?