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i am never surprised, dreams can effect ya strangely all day, even linger a bit sometimes…
however, if we are gonna discuss any celebrities including cartoon characters making cameo appearances in dreams we gotta start another thread. cuz i got a couple of dreams that, well did i mention i grew up next to a cemetary?
and it is not just that but the randomness of the celebs who bit part in my dreams is simply loony too. a long, long time ago, in a DREAM, randy travis saved me from an abusive boyfriend backstage at like some music award show? huh?
and just a year or so ago in a dream i was like best friends with pamela anderson chillin’ like a villian, at her beach house and giving her advice on men and such.
i do generally have a bit of chocolate before i sleep, harkening back to a theory posed earlier.
rosa , hey gorgeous, i agree, i hate waking up tired.
malkie who is ‘manda? is she your unrequited love? and have you been reading william gibson again before nap time?
red hand, peewee says ahhhhhhhh more hot dogs.
jav, ohmigod that is so cool. tell me more.
penultimate tom, one is never to old to dream about cartoon characters, dude that is like the omni -max of dreamin’.
finally, my zombie guy, were you by any chance an animal walkin’ on Pacific Coast Highway?