Bucky Ramone

Bean, thanks for digging up a thread (that I’ve never have seen before) from very long time ago!

My dream line-up:

J. / Neil Young – guitar
Kira Roessler / Mike Watt – bass/double bass (whatever they want to play…)
Earl Harvin / Meg White – drums

….should be an amazing six-piece band….

a word of explanation:

J. and Neil: …no explanation needed I think…
Mike Watt: idem
Kira Roessler: from Black Flag, plays together with Mike Watt as Dos, just two basses, amazing stuff!
Earl Harvin: amazing jazz-drummer that can rock hard as well (saw him live with The The, wow!!!!)
Meg White: from the White Stripes, very basic ‘rhythm-hitting’ drummer, should make an interesting combination…….