ok.. this would be like a bunch of crazy jams and trade-ups type band. like always switching. just voicing the expression of these artists in any way. so im not going to put what they play cause they would play whatever they want and just do cool shit.

j mascis
thurston moore
lee renaldo
kim gordon
kurt cobain
john lennon
paul mccartney
pete shelley
mark mothersbaugh
frank black
david lovering
kim deal
nardwuar the human serviette
jimi hendrix
les claypool
and myself

these all seem impossible cause of different style and so on. but if everyone played with each other at different times or played any instrument.. such a tambourine or vocals or bells or anything.. i think it would be completely amazing. the only problem is that some might not be used to improv. but im sure they could hack it. it would also be ego central. hehe.


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