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Salamiguy: you make a valid and understood point. Azerrad retells some tragically funny stories about the band in their van, where each of the guys’ most annoying traits soaked through. One is the (in)famous cookie monster incident. The best, in my opinion, though, is when Murph (I’m pretty sure it was Murph) sleepwalks, ready to kill Lou until he wakes up, right when he’s about to reach him. It’s crazy. Band dynamics are always really interesting and complex at times; I think Dinosaur’s is certainly an intriguing one. But the guys definitely were in too close quarters for too long a time. In reference to the Velvet Underground, I was actually discussing Lou in my music class today because there was a good article on him in the Sunday NY Times. Reed and Cale definitely can’t stand eachother. It would be cool, though, to listen to them reunite and have a half-hour duke-out on "Sister Ray."

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