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Shrafro-I pulled up an old thread in the what you`re reading section,check that out.
The Mascis/Barlow issue is like the Mould/Hart issue,the Farrar/Tweedy issue,etc.people in a band disagreeing over things,I have`nt read the book so I don`t know what`s said,hopefully the truth in what Azzerad researched.
It seems being in a band is rough.People who start up a band enter as friends and leave as enemies,all the time spent with the other members and the lack of space away from each other does`nt happen much when you`re touring alot,you`re stuck with someone night and day you thought was cool to hang around with but turns out to be annoying,plus factor in creative diffrences.Those guys I mentioned have diffrent syles of song writing no wonder they split,they could`nt make the two styles coherent enough to keep the band going.
Ever hear why the Velvet Underground did`nt continue in their reunion in the early 90`s?Reed and Cale can`t stand each other,even after 30 years.