K7 Rides Again

I think it’s grab it, too. you just have to space the pause differently. Grab…..it falls away from me, grab…..it always smashes me, again i’ll crawl. he’s reaching for something but is in no really hurry to get it (grab for it and if he doesn’t reach he’ll keep crawling towards it). I think the little fury thing is "it" (what he’s always trying to grab). then the lines about all the lies and the rage in your eyes…i think it is a person. "Fury" in the title would also expain the "rage in you eyes"….fading thoughts….probably a girl he’s attracted to, but has a side he doesn’t quite want to get involved with but he can’t help not to. But with J, who knows. Maybe it’s like FLying Cloud…about an event, place, or person and the story is really only known by a select few. [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]